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Plant Design Management System (PDMS)  is an Engineering Design Software used to model a complete Facility from Foundation level to the Equipment level, Structural level, and as well as Pipe routing .

It is a multi-discipline three-dimensional modeling system that allows on to simulate a detailed full-sized model of all significant parts of a Facility.

It allows one to see a full-coloured shaded representation of the Plant model as Design progresses, adding an extremely level of realism to traditional drawing office technique

PDMS (Plant Design Management System) as it is known in the 3D CAD industry, is a customizable, multi-user and multi-discipline, engineer controlled design software package for engineering, design and construction projects in offshore and onshore.

+ Objectives

  • To provide trainees with the basic knowledge of Pipes and Plant Design Management Systems
  • To train engineers to competently design pipes, workflow stations and 3D Plants using the PDMS Software
  • To provide trainees with practical knowledge of the user interface, attributes, positioning and orientation of elements
  • To provide a refresher course for those already involved in the oil and gas pipes & plant design operations

+ Who should attend

  • Mechanical/ Production engineers
  • Electrical, Engineers
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Materials Engineers
  • Construction Engineers
  • Oil & Gas Engineers
  • Civil-Structural Engineers
  • Designers & Draughtsman
  • Project Engineers and other related disciplines.

+ About the training

PDMS has modules for both administrative and designer users. This training is limited to the modules for Designers. However, it is a pre-requisite for administrative users.

+ Prerequisites

  • Basic computer appreciation
  • AutoCAD (2D & 3D)
  • Piping fundamentals
  • And on-shore/ off-shore facilities.

+ What you stand to gain

There are diverseareas of what one will stand to gain at the course of the training of which includes the following.

  • Design and model a complete facility (Equipments (pumps and vessels), platforms, beams and columns, ASL, Panels and plates, cable tray, pipework, HVAC system, etc) with a detailed design and specification .
  • Generate MTO’s and isometrics of all modeled pipe lines.
  • Perform Data consistency check for models.
  • Perform Clash detection ofall pipe routings generated.
  • And to mention but a few.

Course Outline for PDMS Designers

Designer Modules

Requires modeling a complete 3D- representation of facilities.

  • Introduction to Design module.
  • Entering Design modules and PDMS
  • Switching between modules.
  • Design Database Hierarchy
  • Menu bars in PDMS design (Display, Edit, View, Selection, Utilities, create, modify, position, orientate, connect, query )
  • Primitive and attributes in PDMS
  • Equipment modeling (HV, VV, and standard equipments)
  • Structural modeling (ASL, Beams and Columns, Panels and Plates, walls and floors)
  • Cable tray modeling (fixed tray, reducer, bend, cross, tee, riser)
  • HVAC modeling (Rectangular components, Circular components, Flat oval components, Transformation, Branch connectors, Inline plant equipment).
  • Pipework modeling.(Piping fundamentals, piping & components / pipeline modeling)
  • Design templates.


Draft Modules

This module is used to extract project general arrangement drawing. Using this module all discipline including piping, structural, electrical etc. extract all the required general arrangement drawing. Extracting general arrangement drawing using draft module helps user to use annotation & tagging as required.  

  • Introduction to drafting
  • Entering draft module
  • Types of graphics in draft module
  • Draft database
  • Draft Database Hierarchy
  • Auto Drawing Production (ADP)
  • Autodraft/Final designer
  • Sectioning of views in draft
  • Dimensioning (Linear, Angular & Radial)
  • Modifying of dimensions
  • Labeling, Printing, Sheet selections (Title, Key plan, & Reference drawings)


Spooler Modules

Used to measure spool and distances and insert welds in piping components.

  • Introduction to spooler
  • Entering spooler module
  • Data consistency check
  • Measuring pipe length
  • Inserting weld
  • Splitting a tube with a weld
  • Plotting the spool drawings.

ISO Draft Modules

Used to  produce isometric plot files of pipes and networks, from either the Design or Fabrication databases, to your own required standards. These drawings can be used for pipe work fabrication, as well as during on-site erection.  

  •  Isometric drafting and MTO”s generation ofPipe-line numbers from the Design Modules.

Admin Modules

Introduction to administrative PDMS set-up

  • Introduction to admin module.
  • Project creation wizard
  • Advanced PDMS Administration  set-up (Teams, Users, Database & Extracts,  MDBs,)


Sample Project of a Mini Refinery Plant 3D Modeling             

  1. Introduction/Techniques
  2. Foundation
  3. E-101 EQUIP
  4. E-102 EQUIP
  5. V-101 EQUIP
  6. V-102 EQUIP
  7. P-101A & P-101B
  8. Beams & columns/Pannel & plates
  9. Pipe routing
  10. Clash detection
  11. Iso-drafting
  13. Draft module
    1. Cable tray modeling
    1.  HVAC modeling
    1.  Spooler module
    1. Admin module