Difference between the Paper Based and Computer Based Test PMP

It’s quite great to know that the PMI has lifted the ban on PMP exams in Nigeria, by providing the Paper Based Test as an alternative.

While this is a good development, there are however a few points which are worth mentioning to guide you in deciding whether to take the Paper based Test or the Computer Based Test.

There are so many unanswered question(s) regarding the paper based that so many candidates are not aware of – for example the PMP Paper based exam fee for non-PMI members ($450) are relatively cheaper than the Computer based testing ($555). 

Secondly, the nearest computer based test centre is in Accra Ghana. That's another added cost and distance too.

Aside from the economic incentives there are a few more details that are worth being aware of.

The paper based is a pre-scheduled (calendar-based) group-testing exam that has deadline for payment. Re-scheduling for any reason will definitely come at a cost. This is not good any level as they have removed the control from your hands.

Do you also know that the paper-based exam can also be cancelled at any time especially if the group test is not populated with the average number of candidates (10 at least)?

The waiting period for the paper based Test result is an average of 6 weeks as against instant result in a computer Based Test. That's a lot of anxiety right?

The paper Based Test is also not without the possibility of paper-based errors – unintentionally missing answer-boxes, not erasing properly leading to double answers, etc.

In Summary,

Paper Based Test is cheaper compared to Computer Based Test

Paper Based Test is currently available in Nigeria as against Computer Based Test that is in Ghana

There are other attendant difficulties in the paper based test that can lead to outright cancellation.

The waiting period for Paper Based Test is an Average of 6 weeks

Ensure you weigh the Pros and Cons before selecting the type of test you want to take.

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