10 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Career in Project Management

1. Every business needs a Project Manager
2. Project Management certification holders are the highest paid globally (Please check it on google)
3. You can become a Project Manager regardless of your course of study
4. Project Management is a route to Oil and Gas if you don’t have an engineering background
5. Employers in Nigeria are recruiting more people with Project management skills and qualifications
6. Do you know you can get a job in the gulf region (Dubai, Qatar etc.) with your Project Management credentials
7. Research has shown people with Project Management skills are more successful business owners
8. Project Management skills and credentials will give you an edge over your peers
9. Project Management skills and qualifications can be acquired within 2 months
10. As at the publication of this article, I the author and a PM facilitator do not know any PMP holder that is unemployed

Why You Should Choose Ciel Consulting as Your Training Provider

1. CC demystifies Project Management in a way that even a 5 year old will understand.
2. CC has successfully trained over 1500 project managers
3. Our team of trainers has over 30 years collective experience in Project Management
4. All our trainers are certified PMP holders
5. We don’t just train, we mentor our students
6. Attending our training means you are forging a partnership with the market leader in Project Management, we will support you in your career decisions
7. We understand raising funds for training can be a challenge, that is why we say start your training with what you have. (Call us now on 07046367773 to discuss this)