An Agile Project Manager Is NOT A Scrum Master - FACT

An Agile Project Manager Is NOT A Scrum Master - FACT

The profession of a project manager in agile is not a lifecycle and thus not a scrum.

I will now explain why an Agile Project Manager is not a Scrum Master.

To begin with a scrum master is simply not a manager. Why? Well the most obvious example is the fact that a scrum master does not take on risk by himself, like an agile project manager does. An agile manager will make decisions for the team, and not with the team. That is the crucial difference between the two. Secondly, a scrum master is part of a team and not responsible for the team. In comparison an agile manager has to take responsibility for the team he works with whilst also holding a responsibility towards the company/ business.

However both roles do have one thing in common and that is how they look after their team of employees. For example when they say 'no' to something they will always explain 'why' to their colleagues. They are both fair and are willing to teach people.

The use of Agile makes the concept of protecting your team a great deal easier to accomplish. However, an agile manager is a full time role and not to be taken lightly. This differs greatly from a scrum master whose position is sometimes less than part time as he is not geographically in charge of a team, unlike the latter.

Whilst many professionals defend the role of scrum master with the comment; they are just as qualified and good at their job as an individual who has been given the Agile Project Management training. However I disagree. An agile manager does have an edge over the scrum master when it comes to encouraging a team to work more efficiently. This is for many reasons, but the most important one is the fact that the individual has had a good amount of education on managing people. Furthermore, the project manager also knows how to gather and analyse data whereas a scrum master may be confused at the prospect.

So in conclusion, whilst both roles are vital to the infrastructure of a business, when it comes to leading teams of individuals it is the project manager with a past in agile training which is needed. Yes, maybe that is a harsh comment to make but it is an important statement to remember. The Agile Manager is a vital cog in any machine but especially in the business world. Their education from their training courses proves their determination to do well in their career and provide quality to any working environment. Not only this but a team needs a manager they can turn to and rely on when things get tough. This person needs to be qualified and have the experience to deal with people on a daily basis.

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