Application Information for PMP Exam

Application Information for PMP Exam

Have you always dreamed of becoming a Project manager? Although the dream can become a reality, it surely does need some hard work and qualifying exams to make sure that you have the required caliber, experience and qualifications. But even though many people want to sit for the exam, they are unclear about the details, requirements and the PMP examinations. For those looking to know more about the certifications can look online, browse webistes and get better details about the certificate.

Project Managers need to earn PMP certification. Many jobs require them to have this certification and others indicate that they can earn a promotion when they have this certification. With a promotion comes a higher pay package also!

This is an exam that will test the manager on every element that they will ever need for their job. It can be a difficult exam that needs particular information to be studied. The Project Management Institute (PMI) is in charge of this exam providing study information and reviewing the exam to grant certification. There are three certification levels. Each exam level has a required application that needs to be filled out and submitted for review. These levels are:

*Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

-- This is the basic PMP certification level. Project team members are the individuals targeted for this certification.

*Project Management Professional (PMP)

-- This is the next PMP certification level. It is the most popular management credential. When an exam taker passes this exam and meets PMI requirements they are given certification documentation. This will allow them to have PMP abbreviations at the end of their name.

*Programme Management Skilled (PgMP)

-- This is the newest PMP certification level available. It is also presented by the PMI and was first available at the end of 2007. Programme Managers are the target for this certification.

Anyone seeking a PMP certification has certain credentials that they need when applying for the PMP exam. First anyone interested need to have at least a high school diploma, formal project management education with 35 hours of approved provider exposure and at least 7,500 hours leading projects with 60 months experience in professional management. Other optional requirements are having a Bachelor's degree, project management education of 35 hours from an approved provider and no less than 4,500 hours project direction including 36 months project management experience.

There is also a code of skilled conduct that needs to be adhered to along with passing the exam. This is a difficult exam that takes four hours. There are 200 questions that are multiple choices designed to help determine if the exam taker has the knowledge in the workforce. There are also continuation certification elements that need to be made as well to keep in good standing. If a candidate does not meet the PMP certification requirement can apply to take the CAPM exam.

Apply for this exam by having record of the things required. It is easy to apply with all this information close to you.