Ifeyinwa's ccba exam experience

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Ifeyinwa Iloabachie CCBA

I first heard about Business Analysis in my organization. But I felt no need or urgency for the CCBA at that time. I realized the need of certification last year. I had to do the CCBA because I do not have the relevant experience to do the CBAP certification.

I took 21 Hours contact class at Ciel Consulting and decided to take the exam as soon as possible. It did not happen due to various professional/personal reasons though. But by the time I decided to take the exam (10 months later) I had forgotten all the important lessons from the contact class, and I had to start all over again.

Lessons learnt: It is always better to attempt the exam immediately following the contact classes before the information you gathered starts to fade away. A thorough CCBA exam preparation plan is required though before you attempt the exam.


I divided my study-plan in two phases.

First phase: detailed study to understand CCBA concepts

Second phase: exam preparation using revision and practice tests.


First phase (Duration 1 month)

I studied Babok Guide 2nd Edition completely (like a story book) and tried to understand all the concepts.

Second phase (Duration 2 months)

I completed Babok guide 2nd Edition in one month. Then I studied Certified Business Analysis Study Plan by Susan Weese and Terri Wagner in 2 weeks. Then I went through various training videos available in the internet. The remaining two weeks were kept for revision and online tests.

4 days before the exam I brushed through Babok Guide and Susan Weese's book at least 3 times.

I went through Babok Glossary.

I started memorizing the Formulas, Business Analysis Knowledge Areas and Tasks. I practiced making the table using 2 fingers to divide the columns and thumb to divide the rows, with this practice I found I could write the complete table fast.

I found that memorizing formulas is easy but application is not that easy, unless I practiced few question and understood how to apply the formulas.

I practiced


I did the computer based test CBT in Ghana. I took the afternoon session for the exam . I had sufficient sleep the night before and just looked into the Task and knowledge area charts, formulas and charts before the exam. I tried not to take too much of stress.

After reaching the venue, I completed all the formalities (the staff at Prometric were very cooperative), went to restroom and then entered the exam room and sat for the exam. I found that others were typing ferociously and the noise was disturbing for me. I used the masking headphone to suppress the noise. I was comfortable thereafter.

The clock started and I finished writing the formulas and charts in exactly 15 mins time. Then I started with 150 questions. I took 3 hrs to complete 150 questions. No breaks in between. Then last 2 mins, I just stared at the clock for my result to be announced. Then Prometric survey window popped up.

After completing the survey, I saw Good news on the screen.  I had cleared CCBA exam in the first attempt.