Ray Oge Nduka shares the difference between the new and old pmp exams

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Ray Oge PMP. Project Manager at a Major Construction Company

Well Obalim I don’t want to scare anybody, but the truth is that the new exam is far more difficult that the old one. I first did the exam in 2015 based on the old syllabus and I failed. The reason was that I never knew what the exam entails. I did not read any exam prep material. In fact I never knew one existed.

I thought I could just do the exam and pass by reading the PMBOK Guide.

After that experience I started looking for other training providers. I made a lot of contacts, until I spoke with Obalim from Ciel Consulting. Obalim suggested that I first register for the exam and then take a refresher course and an exam prep class.

I decided to follow the advice religiously. Though I was a bit skeptical considering what Ciel was charging which was a paltry sum compared to what I paid for the earlier training I had. I decided to go on anyway. I registered for the PBT in Abuja scheduled for 5th March 2016.

I did my training with Ciel Consulting in Abuja in January 2016. To my surprise it was a complete departure from the training I did earlier where I paid three times as much. In addition I was given loads of materials. Like the Rita exam Prep and Headfirst PMP as well as project templates, the pmbok guide and more.

Immediately I devoured the Rita exam prep book. I read it 3 times before the exam. I also read the Headfirst 2 times.

Next Obalim had an exam prep class with me in the first week of March. He explained to me all the tricks and trade of the exams. I felt so confident and over prepared for the exam. I was hitting 90% score in the Rita fastrack exam simulation. Other online exams I scored over 90% consistently

On the 5th of March I was at the venue. Unfortunately the PMI had logistics challenges. So the exam was shifted to Sunday 6th March. We had the exams on the 6th.

Wow. The exam was a complete departure from the previous syllabus. What really helped me was my project experience and the fact that I over prepared if there is anything like that.

Most of the questions now were situational. Little was about the books. So it is best that you approach the exam from a situational perspective.

My advice to anyone who wants to do the exam now is to first realise that the pmp exam is not really a very easy exam. You need to adequately prepare and always read from the perspective that you are doing a real project.

Fortunately I passed. I really thank God. The Ciel team was very helpful. The course was quite affordable but very qualitative.

I hope this helps.