For Ifeoluwa Ajayi, every exam was a hit Back to Back


Ifeoluwa Ajayi took his PMP training in November 2015. During our discussion he told me he plans to take the ITIL Foundation exam and PMP on or before January 2016.

I felt he was a little too ambitious. But he totally proved me wrong.

He registered for both exams subsequently. ITIL for December 2015 and he could only get in on January 9th 2016 PBT PMP exam.

Guess what? He passed both exams in one sitting.

When I asked him how he did it,he shared the following pieces of advice. The following are Ifeoluwa's candid advicee

First I want to encourage everyone thinking of writing the exam to first register. Once you register it gives you this awareness that you must have to prepare.

Secondly it is better to do the exam after your training. It is very easy to forget what you have learnt after the training if you don't follow it up with constant study and practice.

I will also advice you to study the Rita Mulcahy exam Prep Book at least twice. Also practice the questions in the book as if they are the exam questions. That is do them within the stipulated time without checking the answers.

Most PMP questions are scenario questions. Therefore, sometimes there may be more than one correct answers.

The most applicable is usually the right answer.

Practicing many scenario questions helps you to understand how a pmp should think and act when they come across these issues in real life.

Finally study the pmbok guide to have an understanding of the basics.

This was exactly what I did.

Materials used

  1. Rita Mulcahy Exam Prep

  2. PMPBOK Guide.

Obalim also gave me likely exam question. This was very helpful as I saw a repeat of some of the questions during the exam.

Good luck.