The Journey To Certification

Three to four years ago I heard about PMP® Certification from a friend. As I am voracious reader so I thought of taking PMP® exam to enhance opportunities for my career advancement.

About a year ago I took training from Ciel Consulting for 5 days. As part of this training I was given 5 days’ sessions, PMBOK® guide V book and other materials I scheduled exam for a couple of months later.

Last week before the exam

As suggested by Obalim, I took one week off from work, and practiced more and more tests and reviewed answers, even if they are right, to make sure my understanding is correct.

Finally, the exam!

The exam day came, I took 30 minutes to go through the tutorial, then I started writing down my brain dump on paper. To my dismay I could only write p.61 of PMBOK and some formulae. While attempting process related questions I referred to my brain dump for at least 2 to 3 questions. For the first question, I took 3 minutes to understand the question itself!

After 50 questions, I took 1-minute break, closed my eyes, relaxed as much as I could. I did the same after next 50 questions, which makes me relax and focus on what I am doing. Within 2 hours, I was able to complete 130 questions, so I felt more relaxed and took another 10-minute break. When I completed all 200 questions, I had still 45 minutes’ left.

I had planned to “Mark” the questions that I was not sure of, but when I finished I saw that I had marked only 4 questions! So I reviewed these marked questions first, changed couple of answers, then started reviewing all the questions.

I was able to review 140 questions in the remaining time and changed at least 10 answers.

Then the Prometric test center survey started. Though I was answering the questions in survey I was praying. Finally, I completed the survey and saw my result as PASS. I realized that I didn’t get a single question from the mock tests I had taken. My ethics played a vital role in answering questions related to ethics.

Good luck to you,

Leonard Adams PMP