Mayowa Fowotade complete PMP Resource lists

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Mayowa Fowotade Osprey Zenith Consulting Ltd

First, I thank my God Almighty, my Husband and my beautiful daughter for their contribution to my success.

Big thanks to my teachers, Esedebe Obalim PMP and Enabulele Mary PMP both facilitators at Ciel Consulting and the Ciel Consulting team.

Study materials used in my PMP® preparation

  1. PMBOK 5

  2. Course in Ciel Consulting

  3. Head First PMP

  4. Rita Mulcahy Exam Prep Book. Updated 8th Edition

  5. Rita Fastrack Exam Simulation

Challenges I faced

My PMP® journey too was filled with challenges like most PMP® aspirants. Here are a few that I had to work around –

1. Updates to PMP® syllabus

When I initially decided to get PMP® certification, the old Exam content outline was still being used. Then PMI introduced the new exam content outline in January 2016.

I was able to overcome this by taking PMP® course in Ciel Consulting as they have the updated syllabus which were updated to latest PMP content.

3. Time management

Training myself to manage solving 200 questions in 4 hours was a challenge. I overcame this by practice, practice and more practice. As I started taking full-length mock tests I could identify what type of questions I was spending more time on, and consciously managed my time.

4. Studying alone seemed bit boring and disconnected. It was part of my target in the office. I realized that two of my other colleagues were taking the PMP exam aswell. So we formed a whatsapp group. With WhatsApp group we connected with each other daily. The support of each other, both morally and through content sharing, helped all of us in the group.

My method for preparing for the exam

I started with my new plan in the month of January 2016.

I created a plan as the following –

  • The 1st week chapters 1,2,3 from PMBOK and Rita

  • The 2nd week chapters 4 from PMBOK and Rita

  • The 4th week chapters 5 from PMBOK and Rita

  • The 5th week chapters 6 from PMBOK and Rita

  • The 6th week chapters 7 from PMBOK and Rita

  • The 7th week chapters 8 from PMBOK and Rita

  • The 8th week chapters 9 from PMBOK and Rita

  • The 9th week chapters 10 from PMBOK and Rita

  • The 10th week chapters 11 from PMBOK and Rita

  • The 11th week chapters 12 from PMBOK and Rita

  • The 12th week chapters 13 from PMBOK and Rita

Then I followed the following steps –

  1. Read chapters 1,2,3 from PMBOK

  2. Read the same chapters from Rita book

  3. Did PMStudy chapter exam

  4. Did Fast track for the same chapters

  5. Back to the steps from 1 to 4 on the rest of chapters.

I listened to Rita Audio book in my car during my commute in Lagos traffic.

I took PMP Simulator exams and solved more than 1600 question out of the database of 1800 question.

When my score reached 72% in Rita PMP® exam (200 Questions I scheduled the real exam.

I did my PMP® exam on 6th June-2016. Paper Based test at JKK Ilupeju Lagos and passed!

All the best,