My Exam Prep Olu Fakoya PMP

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Olu Fakoya PMP

Hello Obalim,

I really appreciate your efforts in helping me to prepare for my PMP exam. I am a project manager at work and a busy one at that managing about 5 projects all the time. I started training in January this year after I felt the need to take my practice to a professional level.

My exam prep

My training lasted for 5 daysafter which we did a mock test, which I did well in and that motivated me further to take up the exam.

I read Updated Rita Mulcahy’s PMP book (of course) in preparation for the PMP mock test. After I paid for the June exam, I took a second pass on Rita’s book while skimming through PMBOK (which I found extremely boring by the way). I just didn’t want to do the exam without ever reading PMBOK.

I was extremely busy at work but I had to make the sacrifice. Any little time I had I would study & when I got overwhelmed with work and I didn’t know how to study. Just then I came across Obalim through a friend and he helped me put things in perspective. I answered every PMP mock test question sent to me by him.

On my second pass (which was more intense), after reading each chapter and practice test in Rita, I would go online to answer questions on that knowledge area and understand why I failed in some. It was tasking, annoying, frustrating but it was a learning experience worth the effort.

I also did many PMP mock tests. On first attempt, is scored 68% and 61% in Oliver Lehmann (75 questions and 175 questionsrespectively). I did Headfirst test (200) and had 72%, and tried many other mock tests I could find.

Few days to the exam, I began stress tests – meaning I sat for 4hr PMP mock tests with 200 questions.

Day of the exam

On the exam day 4th June, I got to the Test center early. The exam was pretty simple compared to the practice tests I did and I blazed through the questions, and marked every calculation question for review.

When I was done I still had 40 minutes’ left!

I really just want to thank God for helping me.

– Olu Fakoya, PMP