The hr chase for today’s world. reasons why you need to invest in hr

Why a chase in HR? You may be surprised at what we have discovered about HR as HR CERTIFICATION INSTITUTE® ANNOUNCES HR INDUSTRY FIRST ON DAY OF 40TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION ALEXANDRIA, Va. (June 20, 2016) ― Testing windows will soon be “out the window” 

Over the past few years, I have been thinking a lot about the chase for HR, in fact, one of the greatest assets any organization can have is the ability to develop HR and treat it like every other departments, like Managers of IT, Operations and Marketing.
Our helpful measure available to managers for determining the importance of Human Resource is the cost of replacing valuable employees. Now that we know what the people with powerful skills and abilities bring.

Today’s organization consist of three types of resources: Physical, Financial and Human.
1)    Physical Resources are machines, materials, facilities equipment and component parts to products. These are often referred to as Fixed Corporate Assets. They are important to the health of the organization because they provide it with stability and strength.

2)    Financial Resources are referred to as the liquid assets of an organization. These include cash, stock, bonds, investments and operating capital. Organization ability to react to opportunities for growth and expansion.

3)    Human Resources refer to the people employed by an organization. It is realized that measuring the value of Human Resources proves difficult due to the lack of standard and traditional measures such as those associated with fixed and liquid assets. For example Human Resources cannot be depreciated like physical resources, nor do they reflect the net worth of an organization as financial resources do.

Over the years, the key success factor in most Human Resource organization are within 3 core knowledge areas:
    Human Resource Development
    Succession Planning
    Career Management

Examining the term development requires addressing two questions:
1)    What is meant by the development of people?
2)    What type of development really occurs?
Development of people refers to the advancement of knowledge, skills and abilities for the purpose to improving performance within an organization. This reflects a professional advancement of people within the organization (Career development).

From the organizational perspective, however development cannot occur unless the organizational environment and motivational systems are reconfigured to support performance improvement. This means that it is not enough to simply increase the knowledge, skills and competence of employees and improve behavior. Organizational efforts must result in performance improvement and organization change that enhance the organizations competences and efficiency.

(Challenges of HR Practitioner)
•    Technological advancement
•    Allocation of funds
•    Cost of training
•    Management support

    Succession planning: This require doing enough to identify and develop talent to build such strength. Succession planning is a talent management program that is vital to an organization long term health, growth and stability.

Yet many organization either put off implementing a program or fail to invest sufficient resources in the program to make it effective.
While the reasons for this vary a few themes emerge. Among the trends,

Many organizations:
    Consider themselves too small to need a succession plan
    Believe succession plan is the same thing as replacement planning
    Don’t believe succession planning programs yield results.
    Consider succession planning programs cost to be prohibitive.
    Are concerned with program complexity around implement and management.
    Don’t know where to start.
    Can’t get executive buy in. 

Not having a success planning program in place exposes your organization to risk.
You may be wondering but here are the benefit:
1)    Reduced time to fill critically important positions    
2)    Reduced turnover of high potential 
3)    Systematic and cost-effective
4)    Alignment between employee development and organizational strategies and goals.
5)    A better match between people you need and people you have.
6)    Better decision making about who to promote.

Am sure we can help based on Analysis by 
Where does your organization stand?
How does your organization compare to others?

This is why a chase in Hr  is important to any organization and HR Practitioners “HRCI is here to support HR professionals whenever they are ready to take their career to the next level, whether they want the competitive edge when applying for a job, or want to claim their mastery when seeking a promotion, or simply want to challenge themselves to join the elite in the industry,” said HRCI CEO Amy Schabacker Dufrane, Ed.D., SPHR, CAE. “HR professionals know that holding an HRCI certification translates to (greater career success and satisfaction) and employers want HRCI-certified pros in their HR departments.” Joint research conducted this year by HRCI and Top Employers Institute links employment of HRCI-certified professionals with (better business performance). 

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