New PMP exam date based on PMBOK 6 edition is announced.

The new pmp exam is scheduled to commence soon. But how soon? 

However, one thing is clear. It is better to get PMP certified before the new exms set in.

While the change is imminenet and a great opportunity, it also come with its own challenges. Just ike everything new. There could changes in scoring, as well as the grading system.

are you aware that PMI changed the scoring scale from 3-point scale to 4-point scale recently? Find out more here.

With the new exam means that candidates may require more effort to be able to pass.

Exam preparatory materials, may not prove to be very useful with the new exam, until a few months after the exam.

However, the new exam offers you the chance to be certified in the new pmbok guide, with updated content, relevant for the profession in modern times.

This obviously will increase your market value.

There has been some level of uncertainty as to when the new exam will set in.

Planning for the exam wouldn't be easy if you do not even know when the new exam will begin.

In the past, PMI announced that the change will take effect in Q1 of 2018.

That means it could be january, february or March. That is 3 months of uncertainty.

So much of uncertainty. I’m sure if you were preparing for PMP exam, your head was spinning!

Well, things are clear now.

PMI announced that PMP exam will change to align with PMBOK 6th version on 26th March 2018.

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) 6th version was released 0n 6th September, 2017 (it was released to REPs much earlier). And PMI decided to give some time for the certification aspirants to prepare for the new exam.

What does this mean to you?

Well if you plan to do the pmp exam on the PMBok 5 version, it means you still have more time.

That is a relief!

Even if you took your PMP exam on 25 March 2018, you would be tested against PMBOK-5 based concepts (well, we know that PMBOK alone is NOT the reference guide for PMP exam, it is just one of the primary study resources. PMP Examination Content Outline document is the syllabus of PMP exam.)

By knowing the exact date till which you can take up PMBOK-5 based PMP exam, now you can plan better!

How should I go ahead for my planning?

Here are the suggested resources that can help you with not just planning but also preparation.

Planning Guide: How to Pass PMP before PMBOK-6 Exam Kicks-in

PMP Study kick-start course: Top-down approach based 11-day email course (FREE) – Click here to sign up
Primary resource #1: PMBOK Guide (you’ll get for free soft-copy if you are a PMI member)
Primary resource #2: Ciel Consulting PMP course
Primary resource #3: A good PMP Simulator

If you need any help, either write to

Good luck!