Pmbok 6th edition (what next?)

Anyone with a giant project management career dream needs a track route that leads to the gate on how to be PMP certified. It is our pleasure to upgrade you from potential to certified Professional. 

Every journey to be PMP certified begins with a step “Conceive the Idea” but congratulation you have passed the second step which is to locate a Professional and PMP consulting Firm for advice, guides and Training.

I am happy you found us. Follow the instruction and get started with step 3.
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The Long awaiting moment is here since PMI announced the date on which the PMBOK-6 based NEW PMP exam will start off which is slated for 26 March 2018.  The peculiarity of the circumstances that revolves around the announced date is obviously a clear signal that this is absolutely the best opportunity to pass PMP exam.

It also means that if you are to take PMP exam on or before the slated date, you will be taking it on PMBOK-5 guide syllabus.

Despite the ever time constrain situation, a stitch in time will always save nine if the right variables are in place.

Let us take the next step to evaluate your variables by answering few questions
1.    Do you have the required study resources to enable you prepare well?
2.    Do you have a good study plan?
3.    Can you study on your own and meet the 5 process score target?
4.    Do you think studying under a trainer that over 100 PMP certified professionals went through is a good idea for your PMP prep?

Looking at the closeness of the announced date, It is certain that more people will book exam slots at Prometric exam centers around the world.

Few people will attempt because their exam eligibility period is expiring.
And some will just want to test their ability.
Everyone is hunting this scares and precious certification and you have to take advantage of this opportunity and have it before 26 March 2018.

My Experience

I began my preparation for my PMP Exam with the then current, PMBOK-4 based and was desperate about passing.

It was no joke when during preparation PMI announced PMBOK-5 based exam.
I was so worried and confuse, which almost made me give up on my PMP Career.

PMBOK-5 had few new processes, and I was worried about all the time I have spent studying PMBOK-4 based content and how to start all over again looking at the new process and knowledge areas.

I believe people are also going through this right now. People that have been preparing for the PMBOK-5 based exam, and eventually end up taking up PMBOK-5 based exam, for whatever reason.

With PMBOK-6 is already here, I will continue to advice anyone in this career line to get PMP certified as soon as they can.

And there is a good reason for that.

Put in Your best to be PMP certified first and then spend few hour with PMBOK-6 to have a view and understanding about the newly added content. Implementing the new content at work will not be a problem.

Stay focus on don’t be confuse. You and you will.
Get PMP certified now.

“How can I pass PMP exam?”