What is CBAP certification and what are the Benefits of the CBAP / CCBA certification?


Certified Business Analysis Professional(CBAP) is a professional certification offered by International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), Canada. Currently is most recognized certificate in the industry for business analysis professionals.

Followings are some of the benefits of professional certificates:

  1. It provides recognition of your skills and competence for doing a job, which will allow you to justify your experience and improve the employability.

  2. Professional certifications provides an affordable and focused alternate to the university education that many can’t afford due to their high cost and longer time schedule.

  3. Professional certifications focus on the fundamentals and ensure that the certificate holder has the minimum knowledge and skill in the related area.

  4. The hiring manager would find it more beneficial as the company can save time and money in training the prospective employee.

  5. The professional certification validate the company’s ability to assign knowledgeable and skill profession on the project.

  6. Sometime, the clients insist that the consultant or employee on their project must have the professional certification to ensure high quality delivery.

  7. Reputation of certification awarding body is important. Currently IIBA, and BCS are both highly recognized organization in the field of business analysis.Although PMI more recognized and offering PMI-PBA, it has limited focus in terms of business analysis.

  8. It adds to increased in employee engagement, employment satisfaction and productivity that are the top ways of measuring the value of professional HR certification, as are reductions in staff churn, training, and recruitment costs.

Re-certification ensures that the professionals stay updated in their field

For CBAP, you must acquire professional training to gain professional development units (PDUs) from one of the recognized institutes like Ciel Consulting. 

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