I Scaled Through the PMP Certification Hurdle! - Here's How, by Onochie


This report or testimonial just came in from one of our clients/participants to the last held PMP Certification exams. He succeeded in flying colours, scoring above the average mark in all of the knowledge areas. 

I'm sharing this, firstly because it gives us great joy and a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment and fulfillment and validates our existence as nurturers and partners in the professional success of our clients, but also more importantly because in this account are some of the tricks and tips that can be applied to succeed at the PMP Certification exams.

“I read the PMP Exam Prep book by Rita Mulcahy, cover to cover once and skimmed through it again, answering and studying the question patterns. I used the PMBok 5 book also as a reference for my studies. It helped me greatly that I had a PMP exam mentor in the person of Obalim Esedebe of Ciel Consulting. He helped provide me with the resources I needed to achieve stellar results at the exams, including relevant information, exam tips and tricks as well as other knowledge resources. Also, in addition to the PMP exam study I has with Ciel Consulting, I also armed myself with exam prep mobile apps and accessed some questions and answers online. These helped me build capacity for the examination.

My preparation time took roughly three (3) months, and thanks to Ciel Consulting, it was easy to schedule and I had a nice environment for my examination - this helped a great deal. My success at this exam only proves to me that with determination, preparation, self-confidence and the right people around you, you can succeed at anything.

I am very grateful to the Ciel Consulting team for this.”

— Onochie Nwachuwku Onyeulor

Thanks Onochie. We all at Ciel Consulting celebrate with you.