What's the Value of PMP Certification to MBAs?


 IT professionals, engineers and technicians, filmmakers and so forth can increase their success chances in project management by taking the PMP certification exam.

What is the Value of the PMP Certification to MBAs?

The answer to this question is not very straightforward. It depends on some factors which we will analyze in detail. Although it would always be of great benefit to have high-caliber certifications such as the PMP in your portfolio, its range of benefits to you would vary and depend on some other factors, which we will discuss right away.

First of all, let’s have a look at what MBA is and what kind of jobs MBA holders normally do. MBA stands for “Masters in Business Administration”, so it means this degree is about getting knowledge of how businesses work and how to manage them efficiently and effectively. So MBA holders are usually Managers, Operational managers, Administrators, Assistant managers or jobs of similar nature. It also depends upon the type of organization and the nature of business.

Some organizations are project-based and their main source of income come from projects. In these type of organizations, it is always handy to have PMP with MBA, because the day-to-day operations of these organizations involve managing the projects too.

Hence the manager or managers of these organizations should have in-depth knowledge of how projects work and how to manage them effectively. This kinds of knowledge and tools can be gotten by getting PMP certification. Hence, it will be of greater help to the manager as he/she would understand how to work with projects more effectively, as well as know how to effect the necessary blend between projects management and administrative/operational assignments more effectively.

Projects based organizations always prefer to have PMP certified managers, hence it can help MBA holders during job search process or when on the lookout for career advancement opportunities. It is a proven fact that PMP certified professionals globally are better paid that their non-PMI certified counterparts.

Also, in matrix organisations, the organisations functions both as a functional and projectized organisation. In this case, PMI certified MBAs would have far more career advancement opportunities, flexibility, freedom and increased earning opportunities than the non-PMI certified MBA.

It is therefore important for MBAs to hold professional certifications like the PMP, especially as globalization continues to breed competition in the job market, and the need for flexibility and and openness to opportunities continue to increase. Having a PMP certification would increase one's value over other MBA holders, especially when the PMP certified person also holds an MBA.

In conclusion, it is always good to have PMP along with MBA. It would be great if you are working or aspire to work in a project-based organization. Even in a matrix organisation, as demonstrated, it offers the advantage of versatility. Even then, it would be valuable to those working in functional organisations, because, after all has been said and done, no knowledge gained is wasted.

I hope this helps.

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