How do i clear the pmp certification exam in the first attempt?


This plan was prepared to help you clear your exam in the first attempt.

2018 PMP Study Plan for Working Professionals
PMP is world’s most recognized certification for project management profession. But earning the PMP Certificate might be challenging especially if you are a working professional. Finding time to study for your PMP Certification exams might be hard. Is there any PMP study plan? Which PMP study plan will fit me? What are the steps to having a robust and effective PMP study plan?

This post will show you the 7 steps to creating your own PMP Study Plan.
Actually, there isn’t a simple answer to the question of an effective PMP study plan. As a Professional Training and Consulting firm, we have helped hundreds of professionals clear their PMP exams though our PMP Training. While we’ve had students who cleared the exam only in 15 days, we’ve also had students prepared 6 months for PMP as well. It all depends on your background in project management, your availability and dedication to your PMP preparation.

However, based on our experiences, we have prepared a PMP study plan for working professionals. Most of the PMP aspirants work full-time during day and try to pass the PMP during their leisure. This necessitates preparation in the evening after the work, weekends, or public holidays. Therefore, our PMP study plan below is valid for a full-time working professional.

7 Step PMP Study Plan for Working Professionals
Our PMP study plan for working professionals includes 7 major steps. We will go over each step one-by-one.

1st Step of PMP Study Plan for Working Professionals: Determine Target Date for Sitting for the PMP Exams
If you wish to succeed, you need to set a target date first for writing the exams. Determine when you can sit for the PMP exam. This is the first step of PMP Study Plan. This does not mean that you must schedule your PMP exam date then, but you could mark a date by which you should be ready to take the PMP exam. It all depends on your schedule, availability and dedication, but our recommendation for a regular full-time working professional is planning 3-4 month for PMP exams preparation.

A regular PMP Training includes 35 hours of project management education. However you should spend more time to doing practice tests, going over notes, remembering formulas, and going over areas that you perhaps not understand properly during your first attempt, and so forth.

A typical PMP preparation should take around 70-85 hours in total. If you consider that you will be able to study only in the evenings, during weekends and public holidays, we assume that you can spare around 6 hours for PMP study each week. And this totals 12-14 weeks preparation time in total.

2nd Step of PMP Study Plan for Working Professionals: Prepare Your Plan
You can plan 10 hours of study per week based on your schedule. Best case scenario would be that you study two hours per day during your preparation period. 

There might be long public holidays or specials days ahead that would be difficult for you to study. Plan these weeks as free and adapt your PMP study plan accordingly.

There are 10 Knowledge areas in PMBOK, and 2 additional introductory sections (Organizational Influences and Project Lifecycle and Project Management Processes).

The time required to complete these sections will change but roughly, plan to complete 1 section each week. And in total, 12 sections will be completed in 12 weeks.

3rd Step of PMP Study Plan for Working Professionals: Take Notes during Your PMP StudyThere will be lots of concepts, formulas, hints etc. throughout your PMP Training. Print the hand-outs before starting your lectures and take notes during your PMP training program, as well as your personal study.

Especially take notes in areas where you found valuable information. These notes will be useful after you finished the course. You should go over the notes during the finals weeks of your preparation, as it would help you to remember lectures you completed earlier.

4th Step of PMP Study Plan for Working Professionals: Practice as Much as Possible
The biggest tip we can give for you for passing any certification exam is: Practice as much as you can. Standard PMP Training material includes 750 practice questions, section quizzes at the end of each section and 1 sample full realistic PMP exam.

Attempt to score over 70% from each quiz and sample PMP exam question. This is our recommendation, because if you can score over 70% from quizzes and sample questions of our PMP Training and from PMP Realistic exams, you can confidently pass the real PMP exam as well.

5th Step of PMP Study Plan for Working Professionals: Go Through Your Wrong Answers
When you have completed your PMP study, you should review answers that you got wrong during quizzes and sample PMP Exams. Your wrong answers show your weaknesses. Dedicatedly go through the knowledge areas where you made the most mistakes.

Going over the same section for the 2nd-time will strengthen your know-how and minimise the risks of selecting wrong options during the real PMP exam.

6th Step of PMP Study Plan for Working Professionals: Go Through Your Notes Frequently

Best way to stay in top-form and be consistently ready for the PMP exam is by reviewing your notes frequently. PMP preparation is a long journey, and sections you completed earlier might be harder to remember when you move ahead to later sections of the course work.

Therefore, best way to memorize what you will learn throughout the PMP study is by constant and consistent review of your course notes.

Best of luck in your preparation. 
I hope this helps.