Is Business analyst certification like CBAP/CCBA useful?


 If you’re a business analyst, this is the certificate that can take you to greater heights in your career as most companies in the industry recognize it. There are various other benefits of obtaining this certification. They are:

1) Building Confidence in Your Business Analysis Experience

The first benefit on the list is building confidence in your business analysis experience. As part of applying for either the CBAP or the CCBA, you need to document how your work experience aligns with the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK®) Guide. For the CBAP, you will need to record 7,500 hours and for the CCBA 3,750.

2) Reconnecting with Past Co-Workers

The second part of both applications contains listing references and project contacts. References are expected to fill out an online form confirming your business analysis expertise and professional integrity. Project contacts are only called upon should your application be audited and will be asked to present details substantiating the experience you documented.

This application requirement provides a great reason to reconnect with professionals from your career past. They get to learn about your certification plans. You know to confirm where they are currently working and see if you are in a position to help them too. It’s possible that these reconnections could lead to other career opportunities.

3) Comprehensive Perspective

When you are preparing for your CBAP examination, you will recognize that there are several ways to resolving a particular problem. Up until then, you may be familiar with 1 or 2 significant techniques. The preparation for this examination will enable you to think out of the box and familiarize with various other methods. Once you finish the examination, you will be able to apply these techniques at your workplace. A professional business analyst certification from a reputed company is always accepted by the other company. CBAP is one such certification. The certification is evidence that you are well versed with the different concepts involved in business analysis and can successfully add value to the workplace. The BABOK guide contains guidelines that are used everywhere in the industry. Learning the concepts mentioned in it will help you perform better in the certification examination.

4) Shows Commitment

Obtaining a certified business analysis professional certification is not as easy as getting a regular certification course. It takes long hours of preparations, longer hours of taking tests, and a lot of practice. Hence, when companies hire business analysts who have experienced the CBAP certification, they realize that the candidate has worked hard to obtain the certification. It also shows that the candidate can handle challenging projects that will require him/her to work long hours to achieve the required results. This hard work and determination coupled with effective communication and analytical skills give rise to an outstanding business analyst. During an appraisal, the company examines all these qualities of the employee.

5) Speak the language of business analysts

There are various systems, processes, techniques, etc. At times, it is tough to understand these concepts when you encounter it for the first time. It is quite apparent that you cannot use these concepts if you do not have in-depth knowledge about it. At present, you may feel that you’re skilled in most processes, and you can handle it easily but, once you start preparing for the certification examination, you will gain knowledge of a higher level. This level will give you more accuracy on the concepts you already know such that you will be able to use it effortlessly at your workplace. We lead to take things lightly unless we are tested on it. Similarly, you might get various books and glance through the concepts but, you will not attempt to understand it clearly unless you tested on it. Hence, preparing for the BA certification examination will give you clarity on the concepts.

6) Monetary benefits and better assignments

IIBA had released an article which stated that as per the survey conducted by them in various industries, business analysts who had obtained the CBAP certification earned up to 10% higher than their peers who hadn’t undergone the certification examination. CBAPs also get access to better projects posts their certification. These projects add value to their profile and also make a massive difference to the company.

American employers will need 876,000 business analysis related professionals by 2020.

Plan Your Certification Journey for the Possible Benefits

There are many reasons to get professional BA certifications. As you are considering the path you’ll take to any professional certification, keep in mind that many of the benefits come from the certification journey itself. Plan a CBAP or CCBA approach that maximizes your time and financial investment, so you leave the process not only with a few more letters behind your name but also having realized other career-related benefits.