Is PMP certification worth it for IT professionals?


 This will be very much advantage for the IT professionals to be more successful in their career.

Is it worth it for IT professionals?

The simple answer to this question is “Yes”. In most cases It is great for IT professionals to have PMP certification. While in some cases it may not be very beneficial (but these cases are less).

The following are the reasons why it is very much beneficial for the IT professionals.

PMP is one of the most prestigious professional certification and it can propel your career to new highs.
Most of the IT professionals today work on different kind of projects, for example, development of new softwares, upgradation of old softwares, deployment of new IT systems and replacing old ones, development of new websites and upgrading old ones.
All these are some examples of projects being done by IT professionals. As the PMP certifications gives you, knowledge, tools and techniques for better project management and control and it would save huge time, costs and labor by applying the knowledge gained from PMP certification.
Hence if IT professional is PMP certified and applies the knowledge gained in appropriate way as demonstrated in PMBOK, his or her projects are most likely to be completed in time and within the allocated budget.

By following proper project management in IT industry, software and websites bugs will be minimized and organizations will have lots of monetary benefits too.
Although, in today’s IT industry Agile and Scrum methodologies are prevalent and their certifications are also in demand, but the importance of PMP can’t be eclipsed by them, since it gives you the foundation which you can learn from other certifications.

Many people believe that since PMP is not industry specific hence we should go towards IT industry specific certifications. This approach is totally wrong because projects everywhere have same structure and aspects. They can differ in end product but they always have a start, planning, execution, monitoring & control as well as closing.
And this the knowledge PMP gives you. With PMP certification, you can handle any project from any industry even if you don’t have much industry specific technical knowledge.
When IT professionals don’t need PMP certification?

However, sometimes (in rare circumstances) the job and field of the IT professional is such that he doesn’t have to deal with projects, his only job is day to day maintenance or operations, for example a website administrator or a database administrator doesn’t do projects normally.


So in conclusion, PMP certification can prove very beneficial to IT professionals related with projects. It can help them and their organization, by saving huge, costs, time and labor through proper project management.

However, some exceptions do exist in which it may not be much beneficial for an IT professional to become PMP certified, but they are rare and subjective.