These simple career hacks will take you places


Everyone wants to advance at the workplace. Better jobs, better remuneration, more opportunities are just a few of the benefits of success in the work environment. And while it's easy to describe what the "goodies" look like, it sometimes can be a challenge determining how to rise to the heights that deliver those benefits.

I decided to create this blog post to make simpler the process of advancing on to greater things at your place of work. There you have it: simple career hacks that will help you go far in your career.

1. Under Promise, Over Deliver - In the professional world you’re judged by your results, not your intention. Instead of making large promises and not meeting them, make smaller promises but work to exceed them consistently. You will look like a much more valuable employee if you consistently exceed standards instead of almost meeting them.

2. Get Close To Your Boss - If you have a great relationship with your boss, you can do no wrong. If your boss offers to take you out to lunch, go with them. Welcome any talk that isn’t necessarily about work with them. Get to know them as people and develop and stronger rapport in the workplace.

3. Set Goals For The Next Day - Before you leave work, make a list of the top three things you need to complete the next day in order for you to be successful. When you get into work the next day don’t immediately check your email. Focus on getting those three things knocked out first. This will make you a more efficient employee.

4. Turn Off Your Email - One of my bosses told me this once and it has drastically improved my productivity. When you are busy with important tasks, turn off your email. When you leave your email on it become easy to get distracted and try to do multiple tasks at the same time which is less efficient. Identify the most important tasks to finish for that day and turn off your email. If a request from someone is that important, they will walk over to your desk or call you. If not, then it isn’t that dire of a request. Doing this allows you to stay focused and minimize stress on busy work days.

5. Say Good Morning - It’s simple but can go a long way. Be the person who says good morning to everyone they see the moment they get in the office. You’d be surprised at how these small gestures can get you on someone’s good side or make their day.

6. Say Goodnight - Similar to saying good morning, before you leave your office, say “have a good night” or something of the sort to any co workers you sit by. This is completely optional but serves the same purpose as saying good morning.

7. Over Communicate - Over communication is better than under communication. If you are stuck on something, ask someone for help. If you see a problem on the horizon let someone know immediately.

8. Improve Old Processes - The willingness to question and improve on old processes is a skill that is of GREAT value to a company. If you are part of a process that seems slow, manual, or outdated, try and find a way to improve it and make it better.

9. Dress Well - The way you dress for work on a daily basis impacts your image and how you’re perceived. Try and look sharp more days than not.

10. First To Arrive, Last To Leave - Establish a reputation for being the first one in the office in your department. You can also do the same for being known as the last one to leave. Doing so establishes a reputation of being a hard worker and committed to the success of your company. This is incredibly helpful for trying to move up in a company.

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