The Last Days of 2018...How Much More Can You Achieve in Less than 20 Days?


It's December 12th, only 21 days to 2019. Yesterday, I communicated with my friend and accountability partner on our yearly goals, and traded stories of our successes, losses and close misses through the years.

Together, we'd built an efficient system of goal setting and monitoring, recording percentages of accomplishments, variances, and counting down to our completion deadlines - all of which I'll share with you later this December.

During my discussion with my friend, let's call her Debbie, reported a total accomplishment rate of 79%...which is astonishingly high, considering that her goals were tall, impressive and almost frightening at the start of the year.

However what struck me most was when she said, with grim determination in her eyes; "We still have 22 days to go right?". I said; "Yes. Just 22 more days to 2019" and she goes: "There's still time. Let's see if I can push a bit more and achieve maybe 95% of my goals."


I looked at her and realised that even though I'd achieved an impressive 83% of mine, I'd stopped pushing. Not because I didn't have the power to, but because I felt there wasn't anymore time to complete my accomplishments - how much can I achieve in less than 20 days?

How much can you achieve in less than 20 days?

Could you finish that proposal and have it sent? Could you close that business deal? Could you at least start (if not finish) that new project? Could you add up one more book to your completed reads?

Could you begin the process for a new training and certification program that would make you twice as valuable, employable and effective in the year 2019?

That would surely be one heck of a goal to accomplish in the last days of 2018.