4 Unavoidable States for all Successful Products and Services


Successful products and services start out as a basic project deliverable.

Deliverable go through 4 main states, According to the PMBOK 6, these are:

  1. The Deliverable

  2. The Verified Deliverable

  3. The Accepted Deliverable

  4. The Final Product, Service, or Transition

When do these states happen?

Manage and Direct Project Work:

The third process under the Integration Management Knowledge Area is the process where the deliverable is first created. It is very important to remember this. The deliverable, that first version of the product/service is created in Manage and Direct Project Work. This means that after we finish the Manage and Direct Project Work, we can boast of:

▪The completed building

▪The completed car

▪The completed iPhone X

▪The completed film footage

▪The completed manuscript for the novel

Manage and Direct Project Work gives us a first completed version of the product of the project. It is called the Deliverable.

Control Quality

The third process of the Quality Control Knowledge Area is where the deliverable enters its second state, the verification state. Here the deliverable is checked for conformance with quality standards, requirements and specifications. When the deliverable "passes that test", it emerges as a Verified Deliverable. This of course means that if you see a PMP exam question that refers to "verified deliverable", you should know that the deliverable is at the Quality Control process or just passed it. This should help in dealing with the question.

Validate Scope

The fifth process under the Scope Management is the process where the verified deliverable is validated against project scope baselines for acceptance. This aspect is tricky so I make it a point of duty to repeat it so it is clearly understood: the Scope Validation is done to compare Completed (Verified) Deliverable against scope baselines. People wrongly assume that we are still validating the scope baseline or the scope statements. No, we have gone beyond "creating the scope on papers" and we now have a completed deliverable (Manage and Direct) and hopefully verified deliverable (Control Quality).

Our goal at this point is to gain acceptance for the deliverable from stakeholders. So while verified deliverable have been confirmed to be of sufficient quality, validated deliverable move a step further to receive the "blessings" or acceptance of key stakeholders.

Close Project

The final process of Integration Management is where the deliverable reaches it's ultimate state. It becomes finally confirmed as the FINAL PRODUCT, RESULT or TRANSITION (transition is used if its the closure of a phase and not the whole project).

This is where you begin to interact with the new project in the media, through the advertising agencies, you see them in the retail shops and can access them. It becomes the final state of the deliverable, if the project is successful.

What happens if something wrong happens before this final state? We'll discuss that in our next email release. Stay connected.

Hope this helped.