What made me Pass my CBAP Exam.

Opeyemi F. A CBAP  View on LinkedIn

Opeyemi F. A CBAP View on LinkedIn

Hello Obalim,

I completed my CBAP on 9th April 2018. I wanted to share my story so as to motivate others willing to take the exams.

I went over Babook V3 ~once and Watermark CBAP Exam Prep Book 3-4 times understanding concepts and breaking it as below:

Intro+BA Concept+6 KA: spent more time on reiterating concepts putting them to real examples, mind mapping : KA and there Inputs,Task,Elements,Guidelines/Tools,Outputs

Techniques and Underlying competencies: spent less time on theory and more on practical questions. I spent little to no time on Perspective.

I dedicated ~130 hours over period of 1 month for my preparation. Watermark Learning questions were really helpful when it came to interpretation of concepts. It give you an idea what to expect in exam. It was the only thing i used for my preparation.

I went for exam when i was scoring >70% in all combination of tests.

For exam experience : what really helped me was understanding of the concepts in different Knowledge Areas and applications of techniques, and yes you would need to use calculator :).

For any one wondering how to prepare for CBAP as I was after seeing so many blogs referring to materials like Flash Cards/CBAP guides/Tables Books and so on. As i learnt at the end that the savior is Watermark CBAP Exam Prep Book and skim through BaBOK V3.

I hope this helps your in your journey to CBAP.

Opeyemi F.A