Which is the best business analyst certification, PMI, PBA, or CBAP?

PMI offers PMI-PBA certification which recognizes an individual’s expertise in business analysis. This examination measures and evaluates the specific knowledge of a candidate to function as a business analysis professional.

From IIBA viewpoint business analysis is all about understanding how a business solution will align with the day-to-day operations of a business. This is not to say that PMI has no interest in helping organizations to improve their core business operations, or that the IIBA has no interest in supporting the program/project management. It is that both these organizations have a different emphasis on business analysis.

For those individuals who mainly work on projects and programs, and for those who perform a dual role of a Project Manager / Business Analyst, the PMI-PBA is a good certification to possess.

Strategic, Enterprise BAs, Subject Matter Experts and those BAs who are professional BAs would not gain much from the PMI-PBA certification.

Business analysts may find value in the PMI-PBA certification, but the IIBA certification would most likely be more meaningful for their roles. . The table listed below was created to understand which certification might be best suited for individuals based on their role.


PMI PBA Vs CBAP Cost Comparison

The fee listed below is applicable for the members of IIBA and CBAP. Non-members may have to shell out more fees. It is recommended to become the member of these institutes before taking up the certification, as it provides you with discounts as well as access to their respective Body of Knowledge.

The table below compares the application requirement for PMI-PBA Vs IIBA CBAP.