Sample Primavera P6 Interview Questions.

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If you plan to work as a planner or scheduler, you may expect two major forms of interview.

The first type is Oral Interview and the 2nd could be Practical interview.

Some recruiters have been known to use both. In this post, I have given a breakdown of some likely interview questions during an interview.

I have also attached a Primavera P6 Practical exercise for the Practical style interview scenario.

Sample interview questions

1. What do you understand by WBS?

2. What is a float and explain the types?

3. What is your greatest achievement and what did you learn from it?

4. How would you fit into a team?

5. How would you plan a project in Primavera?

6. Explain the type of communication you use and how you get information from your project team?

7. When have you improved a process and it was taken by management?

8. Why do you want to work for us?

9. Why should we hire you? Further questions will be asked in line with your answers

10. How have you improved project controls processes at your previous company?

11. What are the difference between free float, total float and what is different between Float and Slack

12. How can you define the Critical Path in primavera?

13. How do u measure and compare progress using primavera?

14. What is your understanding about Earn Value Management?

15. Tell me about your last project...

16. What was challenging about it

17. How did you drive the project?

18. How would you go about planning a two-week project with two contractors working at the same time?

19. When planning a programme of works with a large number of small projects how do you ensure that

the programme is on track?

20. What are your reasons for wanting to work for this organisation/x team/x business area?

21. What interest you about this particular role?

22. How do you see it fitting into your career aspiration?

23. Could you briefly outline the key skills and experiences that you believe make you suitable for this


24. Give us an example of a time you’ve needed to deliver a high quality piece of work.

25. Why was the quality important?      

26. What were your quality standards?

27. To what extent did you meet these standards?

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