How I passed my PMP Exam. Gerald Ifeanyi Onyemize

Gerald Ifeanyi Onyemije PMP.  Contact on LinkedIn.

Gerald Ifeanyi Onyemije PMP. Contact on LinkedIn.

Hi Obalim.


This is how I passed my PMP exam.


After the 35 Contact hours training at Ciel Consulting, I immediately went into study mode.

I read Rita Mulcahy PMP Exam Prep a whole lot. Twice completely.

I also read Headfirst PMP Exam Prep Book, but for clarity on certain areas, I didn't understand with Rita Mulcahy PMP Exam Prep Book. it was the old version of headfirst and it didn't have the updated facts so I selected chapters consistent with older fact.

 While reading the two, I also breezed through the PMBok Guide. But stopped doing that after the Quality Management knowledge area.


 I practised a lot. I average 400 questions per day. That means after studying I did two practise exams in a day. I never repeated any instead I learnt from my errors.

 I took Rita's advice and did not practise questions after each knowledge area immediately until I was certain I was ready for the exam. It was then I attempted all... A total of about 379 questions. It was mentally demanding. I utilized the whole 4 hours for that.

I also listened to YouTube videos from Obalim on these two concepts,

1, the difference BTW configuration management and change control

2, quality assurance and quality control.

Pmbok did not do justice in defining these terms but Obalim did. He has videos on YouTube that explained these concepts that aid answering questions correctly on the exams.

I also used apps from the Playstore at my free moments to ensure the brain was always working.

There are good ones that are free and have good questions to checkmate your knowledge on each knowledge area and process group. They even analyse your progress.


 I read a lot.