Frequently Asked Questions

We strive for continuous improvement. Your feedback helps us to make this improvement. We have been able to compile a list of some of the frequently asked questions about our services. This data shall be updated from time to time. If you don't find an answer to your question, kindly use our "Contact Form". Your enquiries will be given due attention in the shortest possible time.


Does Ciel Consulting have a Training facility?

Our training facility is one of the best in the industry. We run a training school in Akoka Yaba and a branch office at Portharcourt.


Are your trainers certified?

We make it a matter of policy that every of our trainer must be certified in whatever field they are delivering. We agree that you cannot give what you do not have.


I hope the training will be worth it?

Excellence is part of our core values. We do not just deliver training, we strive to inspire. All our participants can testify that we have always delivered beyond expectations.


What other services do you provide?


Ciel Consulting has two units. One is the Training and Consulting unit and the second is the Business Solutions unit. Each of these units provide different services that helps you grow as an individual or a business. For more visit our services page.


Can I use your facility for research and study?

At Ciel Consulting, we encourage continuous learning and self improvement. We are always excited to provide learning support. Our facility is always open for every participant who wants to use same for study or project.


Do I get a certificate after training?


Our certificates are issued on the final day of our training after participants have met all requirements regarding the training.



Do you help with registering candidates for exams eg the PMP?

First we encourage our participants to take any certification exam, soon after their training. We also give you every necessary support you need to register for and schedule your exams.


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